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Elizabeth de Souza Nascimento - Universidade de São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, Brasil. Professor of Toxicology, received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences / University of São Paulo,her Master of Sciences in Analytical Toxicology and her PhD - Doctorate - in Food Sciences, both from University of São Paulo. She has an extensive training experience in toxicological labs in United States and Europe. She is a professor in toxicology at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences/ University of São Paulo, and teaches toxicology at graduate and undergraduate courses, since 1983. She has experience in teaching toxicology in South American countries and in Italy. She is advisor of over 49 dissertations, master's, doctoral theses and 3 co-guided doctoral thesis in the fields of toxicology. She has over 90 scientific contributions including papers, newsletters and chapters in books. Since 1996 she is a technical consultant of the National Institute of Standards Metrology and Industrial Quality, related to quality systems for laboratories, such as GLP and ABNT ISO/IEC 17025. She also teaches laboratory quality systems to graduate students, as well private institutions. She is a reviewer of several scientific journals. She is routinely invited to evaluate Ph.D dissertations and Master Theses in the area of Toxicology, and Food Sciences. She is routinely invited to contributed talks and conference in seminar, workshop and symposia. She has done extensive consultancy related to chemical risk assessment for Ministries of Health, Environment, and Agriculture as well as private companies.




Phone number: +55 11 30912193

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