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Tania Marcourakis is an Associate Professor at University of São Paulo, Brazil, in the Department of Clinical Analysis and Toxicology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has Master and PhD degrees in Pharmacology. Her expertise is in neurotoxicology and her main interest is the effect of drug of abuse, e.g., tobacco smoke and the pyrolysis product of cocaine, methylecgonidine (AEME), as well as other xenobiotics, such as bisphenol A, both in in vivo and in vitro models. In the in vivo model, her focus is mainly the effect of the exposure of tobacco smoke during the early postnatal period in the development of the central nervous system and in the in vitro studies the pathways involved in the neurotoxicity of AEME and bisphenol A using a hippocampal primary culture. Her group was the first one to show that AEME, which is produced during crack cocaine heating, is a more neurotoxic compound than cocaine, suggesting that AEME may predispose crack cocaine users to more serious deleterious outcomes compared with other cocaine administration routes.




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