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Primavera Borelli, PhD has experience in hematology, with emphasis on the molecular bases that regulate hemopoiesis in particular the mechanisms involving proliferation, differentiation, and autophagic apoptotic processes of stem cells and the extracellular matrix of the bone marrow. It also has experience in the innate immune response. These processes are evaluated in an experimental model of protein malnutrition using mice. FAO (2015) data indicate that there are 795 million undernourished people around the globe, with the most cases of malnutrition is in developing countries. Brazil has about 9% of malnourished individuals, especially in the North and Northeast regions and on the outskirts of large cities. Malnutrition affects mainly children, the elderly, people with chronic diseases and hospitalized individuals, changing the therapeutic response and increasing morbidity and mortality. Clinically, the effects of malnutrition depend on the intensity, duration and cause of disability and, dependent on these aspects can observe the impairment of psychomotor development, histological and functional disorders in various organs such as heart, lungs, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, and increased susceptibility to infections regarding haematological picture, there are quantitative hematological abnormalities such as anemia, leukopenia, lymphopenia, neutropenia and commitment in the effector action of macrophages reflecting the commitment of lymph-hemopoéticos organs. Moreover, these haematological disorders are associated with the modification of the specific and innate immune response which results in increased susceptibility to infection. our laboratory data show that among the alterations at PD is the change of hemopoetic tissue, with changes of extracellular matrix components, cell cycle alterations of the hemopoietic stem cell / progenitor hemopoetic, reducing the production of cells and hemopoetics precursors Our laboratory has experience in cell culture area, including long term immuno cytochemistry and flow cytometry, western blotting, proteomics, molecular biology, cell morphology hemopoética, functional assays of apoptosis, autophagy and inflammation.




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