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Irene da Silva Soares is Assistant Professor at the Department of Clinical Analyses and Toxicology of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Soares is the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Laboratory of Parasitology. She works in the field of Protozoology of Parasites, specifically in human malaria. Dr. Soares’ team combines decades of experience of malaria research in the Amazon with internationally recognized expertise in the areas of epidemiology and immunology in order to generate know-how that can be translated in the development of an effective vaccine against malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax, the most prevalent species in Brazil. Currently, Dr. Soares coordinates a research grant from FAPESP aiming the generation of recombinant proteins and adenoviruses representing the three variants of P. vivax circumsporozoite (CS) protein. The immunogenicity of these recombinant proteins and engineered viruses are in pre-clinical phase using inbred mice immunized with different adjuvant formulations and combinations (homologous and heterologous prime and boosting regimes).  Dr. Soares is a member of the National Institute of Science and Technology in Vaccines (INCTV-CNPq) and Center for Research in Vaccines at the University of Sao Paulo.




Phone number: +55 11 30913641

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