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Helder Nakaya is an assistant professor at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the Department of Clinical Analyses and Toxicology, School of Pharmaceutical Science. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology with extensive training in Bioinformatics. He is an expert in Systems Vaccinology, an interdisciplinary field that combines systems-wide measurements, networks, and predictive modeling in the context of vaccines and infectious disease. Dr. Nakaya has developed systems biology approaches to understand and predict the mechanisms of vaccine induced-immunity for Yellow Fever, seasonal Influenza, Meningococcal, and Tularemia vaccines. His lab is focused on investigating the basis of infectious diseases using computational systems biology. Additionally, Dr. Nakaya is an adjunct professor at Emory University School of Medicine in the Department of Pathology.

Phone number: +55 11 26480240

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