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Department of Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Department (FBF) is composed of the drugs and medicines area, as well as cosmetics and biomaterials, maintaining a close relationship to society. The Department’s professors develop graduation and post-graduation research and extension activities. Because of its linked to the industry’s vocation, its partnerships are with public and private companies in the fields of medicines and cosmetics, developing joint research projects. It also participates in state and federal health agencies activities. The Postgraduation Program in Drugs and Medicines offered by the FBF has Masters and Doctorates in Pharmaceutical inputs and Pharmacists Production and Control areas. The alumni come from different regions of the country and abroad, particularly in Latin America. Once graduated, they act especially in teaching, being the center of research groups in their institutions of origin. A significant part of the program’s post-graduation alumni develops activities in the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry, often occupying positions of prominence. Furthermore, masters and PhDs graduated under the Program play enhancement roles in health agencies. The CONFAR, Laboratory of Medicament, Cosmetics, Sanitary Products and Respective Raw materials Control, develops extension activity in partnership with public and private companies. The FARMUSP, USP’s University Drugstore, is a Pharmaceutical Assistance Integrated Model for the State of São Paulo. Through ongoing therapy and Medicine Information Centre, the CIM represents a Pharmaceutical Assistance Pole of the State of São Paulo and in line with the new federal law, considers the pharmacy as a health facility.

Conceptual Bases of the New Model of the University Pharmacy at University of Sao Paulo (FARMUSP)

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