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The main purpose of the International Relations Committee (CRInt / FCF) is to advise professors and students on matters related to agreements and contracts with academic and research institutions abroad, working in close partnership with the USP Agency for National and International Academic Cooperation.


The Commission is formed by a president, a vice-president and professors of the various departments, as well as student members of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


The work of the FCF's International Relations Committee is to provide guidance to students and professors seeking information on the options and procedures needed to study abroad, and to establish international agreements. Currently, USP has formal agreements with several foreign institutions, distributed by several countries.


In addition to sending students from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FCF) to other institutions of higher education, the International Relations Commission is responsible for receiving foreign exchange students and visitors professors who come to our School. The exchanges between the FCF and foreign universities is expanding annualy. This growth stems from the importance attached to the Commission.

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